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What is PAATS?


Who We Are...


A group of highly-motivated, compassionate athletic trainers (ATs) who seek to support each other in the support of the performing artists they serve.


What We Do...


Provide, educate, disseminate, communicate, support, and champion. We are committed to providing high-quality information and opportunities to performing arts ATs.

How We Do It...


Through our wonderful members, volunteers, committees, and Board of Directors, we are able to serve a growing number of performing arts ATs. THANK YOU!


The Performing Arts Athletic Trainers’ Society (PAATS) was established as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2016 by a group of veteran athletic trainers working in the performing arts setting. The group saw a significant need for continued development in this growing sector of sports medicine and athletic training. Registered in Nevada, PAATS serves athletic trainers (ATs) both nationally and internationally.

With the support of many of these veteran board members, elected officials, and the general membership, performing arts organizations across the U.S. and across the world have come to recognize the unique skillset and cost-savings provided by athletic trainers.

The number of performing arts high school programs, colleges, universities, and professional companies hiring ATs has significantly increased over the past decades – with a sharp increase occurring over the past five years. Despite this growth, support services to the performing arts AT have remained marginal at best.


Much of the current progress has been spurred by individuals at a grassroots level. With a mounting need, now is the time to capitalize on this growing market through support of both the performing arts sector and the performing arts athletic trainer.




PAATS is committed to achieving the following goals and objectives in order to meet its mission:

1. Provide evidence-based education to our members and to the performing arts community.

  • Establish an annual PAATS Conference

  • Generate easily-accessible online tools and resources that will support creation and sustainment of AT positions in the performing arts

2. Enhance communication and collegiality among ATs in the performing arts.

  • Engage an active audience of ATs through social media channels

  • Offer annual member networking events

  • Offer opportunities to students interested in performing arts athletic training through interaction with ATs currently practicing in this setting

3. Support research in performing arts medicine.

  • Establish a Free Communications Program to be held concurrently with the annual PAATS Conference

  • Develop student and young researcher awards to be given in conjunction with the annual Free Communications Program

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